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February 23, 2011

Does Klout tell it all?

In the last two days I came across two Social Media experts talking skeptically about the much hyped term Influencers – One in a general term (@augieray) [social-media-influencers-are-overrated] and  other Klout (@jowyang)[ klout-for-business-a-sometimes-useful-metric-but-an-incomplete-view-of-customers/]. While Augie Ray talks about the utility of using ‘INFLUENCERS’ as brand ambassadors or the prime promoters by Brands, Jeremiah expresses his findings about how Klout actually doesn’t tell us all! Further in his comments section the discussion got down to Klout for Augie Ray as well.
So looks like the whole world [atleast the social media world] is worried about and is talking about Klout scores. Infact I must confess I got a bit obsessed myself with Klout score as well until I realized a few faults in its metrics:
1. The ratio of followers/following is a measure which doesn’t do justice – to give an example I see some social media professionals (e.g. Augie Ray) have more number of following than followers – the reason can be anything for that –maybe he doesn’t want to miss out on any crucial/interesting opinion or discussion relevant to his field. Or maybe he has a liking towards a high number of musicians (from some of his recent tweets). But does this imply that he does not have a high influencing power? I don’t think so.
2. I am sure almost all of you would have come across retweets from people who retweets anything and everything that anyone has spoken to them (i.e. where their name is mentioned @user). Even when we go down the funnel of retweets a person who retweets his retweets has higher influence than who doesn’t do the same (and causes less pain to his followers). In case Klout does not have a way of taking care of this – this is a loophole widely exploited
3. The blog world- Klout score doesn’t take care of the blog world which still holds high prominence in the internet world.
4. As pointed by Augie Ray and Jeremiah Owyang also Klout doesn’t take care of the domain- this is a critical as well as highly complex field to work on. The Klout score does show the area e.g. I still see @MarketingProfs in marketing domain only but if they start talking about something else will it be considered influencing still or not?

February 7, 2011

Groupon Tibet Ad

The Groupon superbowl ads have ruffled a lot of feathers..
These ads are being termed as exploits of people’s sentiments. Okay people who all have been talking about the groupon ad being in bad taste have u checked Google maps and looked for Tibet?Its already a part of China. So what the ad says isn’t wrong [truth hurts]!

Though I wont recommend the Ad by itself I would definitely say that it has maybe got the focus on Tibet once again and I definitely hope it helps in some way.

The other ad also talk about exploiting whales(as bad as exploiting humans) though the Brazil one doesn’t hurt anyone!

What the Brand need is a proper damage control owing to its missing the sanity/common sense check before the ads release.
I wonder how they can do it? Its a #BP crime on a smaller scale.

The agenda of an ad is to aid brand recall..and i guess they have succeeded in staying on top of mind for customers- though the sales may decline if customers who say they are quitting Groupon are to be believed..