Groupon Tibet Ad

The Groupon superbowl ads have ruffled a lot of feathers..
These ads are being termed as exploits of people’s sentiments. Okay people who all have been talking about the groupon ad being in bad taste have u checked Google maps and looked for Tibet?Its already a part of China. So what the ad says isn’t wrong [truth hurts]!

Though I wont recommend the Ad by itself I would definitely say that it has maybe got the focus on Tibet once again and I definitely hope it helps in some way.

The other ad also talk about exploiting whales(as bad as exploiting humans) though the Brazil one doesn’t hurt anyone!

What the Brand need is a proper damage control owing to its missing the sanity/common sense check before the ads release.
I wonder how they can do it? Its a #BP crime on a smaller scale.

The agenda of an ad is to aid brand recall..and i guess they have succeeded in staying on top of mind for customers- though the sales may decline if customers who say they are quitting Groupon are to be believed..


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