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July 25, 2011

google plus -definitive plus in google this time?

This time looks like google is finally going to reach somewhere near challenging Facebook!

So as from my understanding of using google for now almost 25 days I have found some really interesting and some useless things about Google plus. As they say first the positives:

1.  A bit different from FB- just the novelty may make it successful to an extent

2. Circles look interesting concept. You don’t want to publish everything to everyone. Its what FB was trying to do this to an extent in the form of groups, but google does it very differently with a class. I like it.

3. Seamless integration with Gmail(most of the people i know have gmail as their primary email)

4. I don’t have to reload my picassa albums (even though i may just have one)

5. After having and trying to maintain multiple accounts I just want to use one login to access everything online, Google plus can take me there with some more brilliant planning and execution.

5. Sparks- clear demarcation of pages from friends.


Now the areas of improvement:

1. I dont really like the mega size posts. I can do with small ones. If interested I can click through and read more.

2. Since not everyone is there I still dont have much to do except putting people in circles.

3. Random friend requests are starting from day 10 itself.  This is getting more like Orkut and random friend suggestions from FB.

And I am yet to understand how it can replace Twitter?!