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August 9, 2012

Edgy Ads?

just like u i have been exposed to the plethora of ads day in and day out some of which we recognize, some we acknowledge, some we miss, some we like, some we love, some we hate and some leave us Aghast – how could anyone really make it.

The Indian young population has inspired the ad agencies to make ads edgier so that they get noticed as easily as they will be forgotten. Whatever happened to something sensible and worth remembering. After “what an idea Sirjee” from Idea I haven’t really come across something which is different yet easy to remember and makes and impact. Some of the ads that take the cake in idiocity:

> Jockey -with their Jockey or nothing campaign it really is a stupid ad with no meaning! What does Jockey thinks of itself – xerox? and to match with it all the creatives are equally idiotic…Stupid campaign 

> Titan Move on – I really hate this ads philosophy- too easy to move on? Commitment means nothing? and all the double meaning jingles on the radio – YUCK!

Some ads plain and simple though do leave an impact like the Shoppers Stop’s – Start something new which reconfirms the belief simple is good!

I wish there were more simple and attractive ads rather than the “Edgy” ones.