Marketing or Sales Promotion!!

Being a marketer is mostly tough specially when you are surrounded by people who think there is no difference between sales and marketing. Also when you see ads like the one in here:

The promotion at facebook here is neither entirely Marketing nor a sales promotion – the idea is to get more customers to visit your page – marketing, the execution is sales promotion – a lucky draw, being used since ages…..

This and many more price discounts or promotion are being called marketing and hence this creates a confusion in the minds of many… 

However I being a marketer have now become pretty much used to this kind of confusion and sometimes I do feel better when I see a financial analyst or an investment banker is being confused being accountant/bookkeeper (I used to do that too :)) or a computer engineering graduate gets asked about how to repair a laptop hardware 🙂

Okay, coming back to marketing and sales promotion confusion – An organization whenever starts a new function in its operations should start with a basic expectation setting for its existing employees- it would hardly take a few hours but will lead to a smarter and more efficient way of functioning between departments and better business growth. On the other hand not taking any such effort by the organization leads to many confusions and wastage of time, efforts and disgruntled employees.. finally loss of business and good resources.



4 Comments to “Marketing or Sales Promotion!!”

  1. Reblogged this on Melanie Bennett and commented:
    The practice of sales promotion had been in existence for a longtime.

  2. Well I always wondered how I would define differences between sales and marketing. I came up with idea that marketing is not direct sales that have long term effect whereas sales are all about short term demand increase. I do not agree however that confusion is such a big problem as a lot of time (at least in SME’s) marketers are responsible for sales as well and I in there are still a lot of clash between the two. For example the sales person that works with existing important clients are also working with long term relationship building. I think the problem at least in my country is that a lot of business people do not know marketing principles, but not the confusion itself.

    • You are right ginte! The confusion is not there in many places and the function is headed by a single entity at many places as the roles are pretty clear.. However my point is there are real places where the two are pretty confusing to the non marketers. I have seen for mmyself as well as have heard about it through others.
      Depending on the product/service the sales person works on a long/short relationship e.g. in my current industry it is highly critical to maintain a long term relation for the sales team itself.
      When we explain about the sales and marketing difference it will involve the some amount of marketing principles as well which will help a marketer to perform better with the correct set of expectations.

      • It would be interesting to know then what different expectations would you name then that those who are not marketers or sales person should have? 🙂

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