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September 19, 2013

Calico – the expectations – what it could be!

Disclaimer: This post is a product of my thoughts on what Google can do with Calico and is only my personal opinion.

Google’s entry into healthcare is a surprise for me which should not have been the case as I pride myself in hardly getting surprised. However, I recently read somewhere that the US population is aging very fast with baby boomer reaching their “being cared for” age pretty soon over the next few years. Thus the question in everyones’ mind would be “how do we support them – empower them- enable them??” So it should not be a surprise actually that google is looking forward – actually is a little late maybe in working for #healthcare, #aging, #increasinglife.

However I still think Google should be talking about #improving the span of life and not #increasing the span of life, but that’s my personal thought.

Well, to me if I go linearly with the in-house expertise within google I would think there are three directions that Google can take:

> Information path – Google has zillions and much more of information on its servers about health, taking care of oneself at various life stages etc etc.. It can restructure/redesign/re validate some or most of this information for usage and commercialize it as “personal doctor”

> Empowerment path – What did i do before Google (when was that? I really can not remember how I used to get answer to my questions). Can Calico take the same path in managing information for an individual through an app – what you have – what your family had? what is your probability for catching something? etc etc.. To start if there is just a medical history of patient which is the first step in this case – Google will be too late in the game as there are already some leading organizations catering to this kind of information and Calico will have to really UP THE GAME.

> Hardware/Device path – the third path and which I see as something different is for Google to develop something like Android platform or even enhance i.e. work on Android itself to develop life supporting devices and equipments – to monitor vitals, to suggest options in case of emergency, or even use the Maps to help identify emergencies which while enabled by an individual (to avoid privacy issues) on devices alerts the nearest care center to proceed. Even connect it with Google glasses to get a clinician/paramedic support till the time help arrives.

These are some of the initial directions that Calico might be exploring according to me – lets see what they bring in.
I am super excited.. Are you??

SORRY – Larry Page talked about age associated diseases and not focus just on increasing life that’s brilliant.. The misinterpretations around are really too much for someone to read it and take it seriously as news!!